Chroma Kitchen is getting renovated!

New counters, new paint, new name etc. 

Square Roots Mustard Greens.jpg


I know! I'm as surprised as you are. But change is good sometimes. 

For a while I've been feeling like the name "Chroma Kitchen" didn't fit the scope of the content I was creating. The word "kitchen" just stubbornly calls to mind a food blog, and I'm seeking to do something much broader (i.e. dispel the nutritional stigma around vegan food; spotlight veg-forward chefs, activists, and eaters; share my experience as a plant-based athlete).   

On a whim, I started an alias instagram account for the sake of noodling around in a low stakes environment. I named it Plant Nasty for kicks. And within a week, I knew I had stumbled onto my solution. 

Maybe it's because I love a Nasty Woman. Maybe it's because I used to train with a running club called East Nasty. Or because I just know that Plant Nasty will look amazing on a racing singlet one day in the distant future...or all of the above. In any event, the name just fit. When it's right, it's right. So I'm running with it. Literally, figuratively, grammatically, spiritually. 

What captivating reading will I find on Plant Nasty? 

  • Simple, colorful plant-based recipes 
  • Interviews with vegan and vegetable-enthusiastic chefs, entrepreneurs, and activists
  • Updates on plant-based marathon training (Chicago 2017, here I come!) 
  • Features on nifty vegan companies that everyone should check out
  • Deep insights into the meaning of life et ainsi de suite

Cool! How do I stay up-to-date?

I thought you'd never ask! You can subscribe to the Plant Nasty newsletter below, follow Plant Nasty on insta, like the facebook page, and of course check out!